The College will be closed from March 4th through March 8th for spring break. During this time, the Information Services team will be performing technology upgrades and maintenance periodically which may cause intermittent service disruptions. These required changes and maintenance to college systems are completed during spring break to minimize the interruption of service and maintain our college systems operationally year-round. Please submit a ticket in to the Help Desk if you have any questions or concerns. Thank you, Information Services Team

Zoom Phone Help for Employees

Zoom Phones is our new phone service that is replacing Mitel phones. Zoom Phones will allow faculty/staff to receive and place calls, check voicemail, easily turn calls into a Zoom meeting, and send and receive text messages from anywhere you have an internet connection. Zoom Phones will be accessible via desktop application, mobile application, and a traditional physical phone.

Learn more about Zoom Phones by accessing the links to the documentation below. 

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Creation date: 11/29/2023 11:33 AM      Updated: 2/27/2024 3:46 PM
Getting Started With Zoom Phone.pdf
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How To Set Up Calendar And Contacts Integration.pdf
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Log Into Zoom Using SSO.pdf
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Zoom FAQ's.pdf
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