OneDrive Sync Client

Service Group

Faculty/Staff and Student

Service Dependencies

Azure Active Directory

Service Department:

Development, Integration, and Hosting

Service Description

Brief Description:
OneDrive Sync Client offered by Microsoft allows faculty/staff and students to sync files between their computer and the cloud (web), so you can work on them locally. All of your files can be accessed from anywhere, on any device, including OneDrive on the web . 
OneDrive Sync Client allows you to make changes to a file or folder and the changes made will be reflected on the web, share and collaborate on files, mark files for offline use so you can work on them without internet, and much more.
Available Hours:
OneDrive Sync Client services are available 24/7.


How to Access:
If you are using a Windows 10 computer the application is already installed on your PC, 


Training Available:
Contact the Service Desk for questions about OneDrive Sync Client training.


All service level requests will be initially handled by the Service Desk. 

Priority Levels and Response Times:
A priority system will be applied to all calls and tickets by the Service Desk and routed to the appropriate department according to the following criteria:
Priority, Impact, Definition, Response Time, and Resolution Time

Priority: 1
Impact: Critical
Definition: A number of college systems impacted or affects multiple people significantly
Response Time: Within 30 minutes
Resolution Time: 4 business hours or until fixed
Priority: 2
Impact: High
Definition: Affects small number of people significantly
Response Time: Within 1 business hour
Resolution Time: 10 business hours
Priority: 3
Impact: Normal
Definition: Affects small  number of people, but work can still be performed
Response Time: Within 3 business hours
Resolution Time: 24 business hours
Priority: 4
Impact: Low
Definition: Affects One person, but work can still be performed
Response Time: Within 1 business day
Resolution Time: 48 to 72 business hours


Report a Problem

Problems with this service should be reported to the ITS Service Desk. The Service Desk is available Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm. You can contact us directly by calling 704-216-7200 or by visiting our Service Desk Portal site. A ticket will be created to track this issue and provide further communications. 


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