Web Attendance

Service Group


Service Dependencies

Colleague, Ethos Single Sign-On, and WebAdvisor

Service Department:

Operations and Enterprise Management

Service Description

Brief Description:
Web Attendance is an online tool used for tracking student attendance for courses through WebAdvisor.  
Web Attendance is used for online attendance and is accessible via WebAdvisor/Self-Service. 
Available Hours:
Web Attendance services are unavailable 1am-2am nightly, 5am-7am Fridays, 10pm-12am 3rd Saturday of each month.


How to Access:


Training Available:
Contact Zhivi Williams in the DE department at de@rccc.edu for questions about Web Attendance training.


All service level requests will be initially handled by the Service Desk. 

Priority Levels and Response Times:
A priority system will be applied to all calls and tickets by the Service Desk and routed to the appropriate department according to the following criteria:
Priority, Impact, Definition, Response Time, and Resolution Time

Priority: 1
Impact: Critical
Definition: A number of college systems impacted or affects multiple people significantly
Response Time: Within 30 minutes
Resolution Time: 4 business hours or until fixed
Priority: 2
Impact: High
Definition: Affects small number of people significantly
Response Time: Within 1 business hour
Resolution Time: 10 business hours
Priority: 3
Impact: Normal
Definition: Affects small  number of people, but work can still be performed
Response Time: Within 3 business hours
Resolution Time: 24 business hours
Priority: 4
Impact: Low
Definition: Affects One person, but work can still be performed
Response Time: Within 1 business day
Resolution Time: 48 to 72 business hours


Report a Problem

Problems with this service should be reported to the ITS Service Desk. The Service Desk is available Monday-Friday 8:00am-5:00pm. You can contact us directly by calling 704-216-7200 or by visiting our Service Desk Portal site. A ticket will be created to track this issue and provide further communications. 


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